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About Me

I don't follow rules, and they don't like that. - G-Eazy

I'm not here to sell you the story, but I am a story, a rather peculiar one. I have been here now for 10 years and running and before everything changed you could find me posted up on the top 100 of Chicago. Why? Simple, I do what I want and you guys seem to really like that.  I went from your girl next door, when I first started, to the realest milf in the Chicagoland suburbs.  My style is not typical. I am laid back, your down to earth friend that just happens to be an incredibly hot mom that enjoys being inappropriate and having a lot of fun. I love to crack jokes and pick on insecurities like we did back in the day. Pushing 40 I am still a brat. I still play organized sports, practice daily yoga, mediation and still act an ass online. This experience is supposed to be fun and memorable, that's what I am here for. My type of client? You, duh! The average Joe, looking to have a good time and a great laugh. You've made it this far, take a swim. 


I do operate fully independently. What's that mean? I do not work with an assistant or a service. It can take me a while to respond to your booking request. It is best to plan ahead and be patient as my time is limited. To expedite your request make sure to provide as much information as possible.  My response time can take up to 5 business days for a response. Please keep our correspondence as PG as possible.  

My hosting location is in the suburbs - near Naperville IL. I do not live at this location, same day requests are not typical and include an additional charge as this is very inconvenient for me. I tend to be scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance, so please plan your horniness accordingly. I have an available shower if you are coming from work or the gym as well as refreshments and goodies. 

I do provide provider references for up to 1 calendar year.

Add to my bar and bring me a bottle! I love a stiff drink. 

I prefer Whiskey but also enjoy Vodka, and Tequila


Going the extra mile is always appreciated, tips and gift cards are always best and I'm always accepting sweets! 


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